is happiness fleeting?

is happiness ever permanent? or is life just one big disappointment after the next, with brief moments of joy coming and going? is anyone ever really content, all the time, with their life? it doesn’t seem so- not to me at least. everyone strives for ultimate happiness and serenity, but is it really achievable? life is a long, hard struggle, with constant disappointment, mistakes, and failures. why is this so? is it because of the society we’re part of? i’m sure society is partially responsible for the way we turn out, but i think that ultimately it has to do with our lack of questioning, of wondering, of discovering, of wanting, of creating.. so many people are simply too tired, too busy, too ignorant to question the way our lives are ran and guided. but in the end, many come to realize, that their life was full of frustrations and dissatisfactions about choices and regretful mistakes, with only a handful of joyous occasions- and by then it’s too late to turn back the clock and live the dreams and wishes one’s always wanted to pursue. how long do real happy moments last? why do they always seem so much shorter than the strenuous and hard times? happiness is fleeting-it is never permanent. i think it’s time for a change.. don’t you?


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