One of my favorite movies is the french movie Apres Vous“. It’s a funny story how i tumbled upon it- I was in Australia with my father and brother, and we randomly wanted to see a movie (to get out of some sort of even our cousins wanted us to go to- not quite are scene though), so we went to the movie theatre, and the only one that was playing at the time was Apres Vous. Since we were pretty desperate and reasoned it might be fun to practice our french skills, we thought why not.Might i add, i am extremely apprehensive about foreign films. I thought i’d just fall asleep or something. Boy was i wrong! never have i laughed so hard in a movie before.  It’s a european style comedy, and it’s such a different sense of humor compared to North American humor. Rather than funny one liner jokes, the whole story as a whole, the different scenarios the characters are put under are just too funny and ridiculous. Check it out! I highly recommend it.


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