too much?

Is this too much? With the latest scandal concerning Air Canada somehow letting someone onto a plane with a gun in Jamaica, this called for immediate attention to employees of Air Canada and the protocols they use for safety and metal inspection. But how far is TOO far-being able to “virtually” see each person naked in order to get the most secure idea of what people are bringing on board? I think that this is SUCH an invasion of privacy- who knows who’s looking at the pictures, who’s hands they can get into, where they can land up, what judgments are made, etc etc. but on the other hand, wouldn’t it be better to take the most precaution possible to avoid any acts of terrorism on board? Is our overall safety worth the invasion of personal privacy? The probability of getting into a plane crash/ terrorist act on an air craft is pretty low- so would this continual, numerous tactic be worth the fuss? But on the other hand, one act of terrorism is too many.. what do you think?


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