ridiculous- euthanasia in a bottle.

I just read the most ridiculous article ever. Apparently, a doctor is going around promoting suicide in a bottle (for those who want it- ie another form of assisted suicide or euthanasia). He says anyone over the age of 75 should have the choice of killing themselves should they want to, and be assisted by the State by providing them with prescription drugs that you can get from the local pharmacy. You know, just in case one day things are starting to take a turn for the worse, why not just speed up the process and kill yourself instead of seeking all the help you could get. I think this is ridiculous, and just another ethical dilemma taken completely out of the right frame of mind or context. Euthanasia is a serious ethical issue, which would be more appropriate for another post, but nevertheless I think that the way this doctor/business/lifestyle promoter is justifying his claims for assisted suicide is absolutely absurd, and this should not be considered as a trustworthy claim. Whats next, any person over the age of 50 thats single can marry a dog if they want to so they won’t be lonely? Please. These extreme claims are faulty and unreliable ethical justifications about individual choices concerning life, death, and suffering.


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