ridiculous oink.

After reading this article, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Seriously? Jews descend from pigs? And that’s why they can’t eat them? That’s not even close. Should that be the argument, then technically, Jews are also descendants of porcupines, horses, parrots, cats, and all other “unclean” animals. I can’t believe that this ignorance is being preached all over the Middle East. No wonder why there is such a level of miscommunication and false allegations, causing a ridiculous amount of religious, social and territorial turmoil. Religion is one of the most powerful weapons out there… it can be dangerous when taken to extremes. Jews don’t eat pig because they are consider pork as “unclean”, as written in the old testament. Further interpretations are found in other religious doctrines of what unclean exactly means and why, but no where does it say (according to those ill-informed claims from the article) that pigs are considered as holy since we are its descendants. Further, these same claims (in similar wording, not exactly) that swine is unclean and therefore not allowed to be eaten are found in the Qu’ran and apply to Muslims. Therefore, I think these speculations made about Jews are ridiculous and inaccurate, and whoever did make these claims should take a look at their own religious doctrines before stating things about other religious groups.

Further, if allah made Jews from pigs because Jews committed the ultimate abomination, then how is it possible that Judaism has been around longer than Islam? Didn’t Islam originate as a branch from Abraham the forefather (ultimately) of Judaism, and only emerged in the 7th century via their prophet muhammad, while Judaism has been around for more than 5700 years? Hmm…


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