been awhile..

so it’s been awhile since i’ve written. i’ve been pretty busy lately, accommodating to my new living situation. it’s not easy putting your life into boxes, having to figure out where everything’s new place is, and how to adjust. it takes times i guess. time is the best medicine, right?

well, today i put up my new curtains. they’re white and purple. my new room has a sensual-warm-exotic feel with my magenta-brick red wall, Moroccan lamp, mosaic vases, and mahogany book stand. i love it. the walls still feel bare though with no paintings yet, but i’m working on it. i think a place looks naked without paintings, don’t you? paintings really liven up the place and give it character.

it’s ridiculous how many books i have to unpack. it’s as if my parents packed a whole library. honestly, we have more boxes of books than pieces of furniture…!!! insanity. one day i hope to have a huge home with a huge study covered from wall to wall in books 🙂

one day....!

one day....!


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