awful. just awful.

A commercial popped up today on the tv which made me really sad.

It was about elderly abuse. I have never really given this type of abuse any consideration, but after watching this commercial, not only did I feel heartbroken and sad, but I also felt somewhat guilty. I know that I for one have never associated any forms of abuse with seniors before, but this has really opened up my eyes to some atrocities that people do to older people.

When people age, many things happen, both physiologically and psychologically. The body ages and so does the mind. It becomes harder to do things, to understand things, and to process things. These are all normal and natural events that take place with EVERYONE. People tend to forget this. When younger generations have to slow down their pace in work, life, or anything, frustration develops. This occurs frequently when dealing with older generations, seeing that it takes a longer time to communicate and understand fully. In today’s society, everything is so quick, so fast, so instant, that the second one must take a step back and slow down, one becomes irritable and agitated, which quickly leads to hostility and becoming short tempered. I find it heartbreaking that people nowadays take out their aggravations on seniors, which are usually parents or grandparents who have devoted their lives to making sure that these younger generations are happy and successful. Now, when the situation is reversed, when the elders need a bit more care, attention, and affection, the very people that they have supplied for their entire life, become abusive towards them? I think that is disgusting. Further, I think it’s even worse when caretakers take advantage of seniors. Neglect, abuse, maltreatment of ANYONE, in particular those who are vulnerable such as seniors, is inexcusable and horrible.

Seniors deserve respect. They’ve lived their lives and have so many stories to share and wisdom to pass on, especially with those that are close to them. Have you ever thought of asking a senior that you know about their funniest moment? or their first kiss? or the greatest moment in their lives? Everyone has a story to tell, and it just breaks my heart when people neglect this, and treat seniors disrespectfully. It makes me so upset that younger generations have this total sense of entitlement from older generations.

I’ve found myself feeling frustrated many atimes when dealing with older people who are close to me, and I realize that I tend to take out my frustration and impatience on them, and I believe that this is very wrong. Now that I am aware of this, I will do my best to change my ways, and I hope that I have opened the eyes of others to the issue at hand.

I hope that the situation becomes better.

The more I look into it, the more I find out about it.

I am glad to say that there are many helplines and associations that are working to prevent and help those who suffer from elderly abuse.

See it, Stop it, Prevent it.

Do something about it.

Click here to see the commercial I saw with some extra information.

Here is another commercial I found about senior abuse. It’s not the one that I saw today, but it’s also very upsetting and sad.



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2 responses to “awful. just awful.

  1. jill

    Hi!! So I was bored and on your facebook and decided in was time to check in on your blog. Your piece of elder abuse (which I haven’t even finished reading) made me really happy. I mean not that I’m happy about the abuse, but the fact that you realized it’s a problem and how you became conscious that before you saw this commercial you never really thought about it. You are not alone, it is so typical for this to happen. I took a whole class on the elderly and learnt so much about this, that I never knew or expected.

  2. itsandbits

    i really had no idea of the issue. but now that i am aware i want to become more proactive against this form of abuse.

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