4:49pm on a cloudy Friday

it’s 4:49pm on a cloudy friday afternoon.
and all i can think about is… what are YOU thinking about?

don’t you ever wonder what other people think about? what goes on though other’s minds? i often do. i sometimes try to imagine myself as someone else and what they were to think about, right at that given moment.

i’ll let you into my mind for just a bit. right now i’m feeling curious. i want to know more… more about anything. sometimes i get in these moods and i grab one of the hundreds of books on the shelf and learn something new.

i just grabbed one about….. home wine making! how cool! the book is called “Home Wine-Making by B.A Chatterton”.

Here’s a fun fact from my new found book…. did you know that grapes grown in one own’s garden are more likely to be irrigated (even if it is unintentional, it is bound to happen), causing the grapes to have a lower quality by making a greater quantity of juice with diluted flavour and colour? and that these irrigated grapes have a lower sugar content, which is bad because stronger alcohol needs a high sugar content, and the alcohol content acts as the preservative to ensure that bacteria don’t get in to the wine and make it become mouldy or even turn acidic and become vinegar.

so there you have it. this is what i do when i feel curious on a cloudy friday afternoon at 4:58pm.

now…let me ask…what are YOU thinking about RIGHT NOW?

I’d love to know, so please do share!

Also, now that I have wine on my mind, what’s your favorite kind?





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3 responses to “4:49pm on a cloudy Friday

  1. What an interesting post about wine! I would have to say my favorite wine is the Chateau de I have no idea.

    Love you.

  2. itsandbits

    we like wolfblass! mmm

  3. right now i am thinking about whether i should leave the comfort of my bed to go see people. hmmm. tough choice.

    my favourite wine is the one i had at queue de cheval on the night of my graduation. i have no idea what it was called but wow!

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