do people change? or do people like to believe that they’ve changed, but really haven’t? is it easier to live a lie or to live up to who one’s grown into?

i’m going to sleep on this and write what i think tomorrow.  what do you think?



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  1. People don’t ever really change. They may adapt to a new situation in order to survive or thrive but our actions will always be influenced by who we really are not who we’ve “changed” into.That’s my two cents!

  2. i think people definitely change. well i guess you could say they adapt to situations but adapting is changing. getting sick when i was 16 is what changed me. i think i would be a very different person now if i hadn’t gotten sick.

  3. itsandbits

    i think circumstances make us change to a degree, but that is not purely by choice. certain events, tragedies, and situations will always impact us, and sometimes do change us. but these are all circumstantial, and usually not under our control. life changing events change the way we live our lives, but not necessarily WHO we are.

    so my question is, do people change voluntarily, or are they just pretending to be something they ultimately aren’t meant to be?

    i think part of growing up is controlling one’s emotions, but that doesn’t mean that that changes who we are instinctively. so in the end, we might not change who we are, but we manage how we interact, and portray ourselves. i think it takes a very special person to realise that they WANT to change who they are- because i’m sure that it is never an easy thing to do. but i think human nature always brings us back to our primal roots, the roots of who one really is… the way one was brought up, and one’s true nature.

    i’d like to belive that people could change… change for the better, and never for the worse. but in the end, maybe the way people end up is the way they were meant to end up, and that they were lying to themselves all along. maybe people put up a front to pretend that they are someone they aren’t in fear of rejection or hurt. maybe some are so confused or ashamed of who they really are, that they strive to become someone completely different to what they were meant to be.. and one day they’ll say enough is enough, and they don’t want to live a lie anymore, and the real colors come out. who knows?

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