bad day.

today and yesterday were bad days.
i started off with a great big smile, cheery and optimistic.
but then i got a good dose of the real world, and what reality has to offer. 

nothing went right.
people were mean.
didn’t feel happy.
everything felt like it kept going on and on, with no end.
and just when i thought things would turn around, the exact opposite happens.

i felt like god was screwing around with me these past few days, while he looked down and had a good laugh. 


well, what can i say.
tomorrow’s another day.

i’m going to go listen to my favorite sufjan stevens  video and give E a call..




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5 responses to “bad day.

  1. I put you on the contest list. I’ll let you know what happens!

  2. theroughdiamonds

    aw those days definitely happy to me. but keep your head up, no doubt things will get better. just think of all you have to be thankful for, that always helps me. oh and get a gigantic bowl of ice cream and plop down infront of the tv all day… that helps too 😉

  3. theroughdiamonds

    oops! i just left a comment under my wordpress name, haha, this is actually my main blog! xx

  4. itsandbits

    thanks for the cheer up nicole 🙂
    i actually read your love story and it made me happy.
    i think i’ll send you mine one of these days.

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