life’s (old) hate list

I stumbled upon an old thing I wrote a couple of years ago.

I don’t think much has changed, so I thought i would share.

Here we go:

summer 2006
” so after watching a depressing movie i thought i would vent a bit. enjoy.
life’s hate list:
pessimists, cold feet, ignorance, grudges, revenge, jealousy, luke warm, deadlines, exams, alarm clocks, hatred, B.O, hang overs, cilantro, dill, computer cults, bad kisses, cold showers, breakups, deaths, money, ignorance, fake icing or anything too sweet, intimidation, fakeness, monotone, media, complainers who refuse to do anything for themselves, fashion magazines, unreliable people, pollution, waste, road kill, expectations, needles, junk mail, selfishness(in a conceited way), coffee, corruption, broken guitar strings, hilary duff (sorry laura), wisdom teeth, physics, busy lines, rudeness, extremism, food in teeth, chapped lips, governments. cramps. money taking over culture. paper cuts. bee stings. 79%. headaches. hypocrits. public pools. bad hair days. reruns. infomercials. commercials. spicy food. people with no passion/curiosity/or their own ideas. people who use others. emotional pain. physical pain. blisters and splinters. working hard and getting no results. studying. headaches. homework. musicians that dont write their own music.

dont get me wrong , theres a whole bunch of things that i love and cherish in life…. but i’ll save that (longer) list for the next blog entry. ^o^ ”

what’s on your life’s hate list?



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