Tea Time Love Project

Attention all Tea lovers!

I have become inspired by Fanny’s latest post to try something new.

For all you tea devotees, let’s start a tea sharing network!

Green tea, black tea, white tea, red tea, you name it!

and how does this work you may ask?

Step 1- Name your favorite tea and why. You can also provide a brief description.

Well, I’ll start. Right now my favorite tea is Bengal Spice by Celestial. It’s a black spiced tea, that has a combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and other spices. It has to be brewed for quite a while so all the natural sweetness comes out.

Step 2- Seek other tea lovers, and ask what they’re favorite tea is and why.

Now, here’s your cue: What is your favorite tea?

Step 3- Trade addresses, and send each other a sample of each other’s favorite tea, along with some goodies 🙂

Step 4- Share your opinions, thoughts, and experience on your blog, and then continue onto the next tea lover!

hooray hooray hooray!

So, who’s in? I think this will be such a fun way to network with other tea lovers and make new friends.



Source: The Robin’s Nest Country Crafts


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