Happy Halloween!

Hi Friends!


Happy Halloween! I hope you have a wonderful night with lots of fun, spooks, and candy!


Last night started off with a little dessert party for L‘s birthday. Then, we went to a party and saw some old friends we haven’t seen in ages. I ended up being a princess (tiara, pearls, and a big boa scarf!). It was fun running into people who I haven’t seen from since high school or in a couple of year. ( I feel so old…!!!!) With costumes filling up the room, and awesome music DJed by my buddy DJ Meir, it was a funtastic night.
E was even sweet enough to come surprise me there when he had no intention of going out. He’s just the sweetest boy I could ever ask for. My bestie F slept over and that was always fun.


Then this morning I made a brunch for a few of my girlies. F was my partner in crime for this one. We made a whole array of delisciousness-french toast casserole, a delicious frittata, home fries, bagels, fruit… yum!


A lot of fun.  Tonight I’m just going to take it easy with E and watch some scary movies. I never watch scary movies, so this is the one rare occasion that I’m actually up for it.


EEEK! fun fun fun. I’m excited.


How did you spend your halloween?


love love love

candy candy candy.



picture source: The Life Of Luxury



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2 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. How did you go with your scary movie?

  2. itsandbits

    I watched the movie “Orphan”. I then came to realise why I never watch scary movies…once a year is more than enough for me! 🙂

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