Ottawa Delight


Hi Friends,

I’ve been so busy these last few days.. sorry for the delayed post! I hope you are all well.

Today was such a beautiful day. It felt as if it were spring rather than Autumn! It was ~15 degrees today! (Celsius of course.. II’m not too sure how much it is in Fahrenheit!) It’s quite deceiving to have such nice weather in the middle of November, when we all know that in a couple of weeks we won’t even be able to see the ground because of the snow, nor will we be able to go outside without wearing some 35 layers of clothes to stay warm!! 

This weekend we celebrated E’s birthday. His actual birthday is tomorrow, so more celebrating to come! I’d like to make him a fun birthday cake… any recommendations? I would greatly appreciate any input!

I decided to finally put up some pics from the past few months. I love how my Ottawa pictures turned out from the Byward market. All the colors of the fruits and vegetables were so vibrant and pretty, I couldn’t resist. And the leaves! Gosh I love Autumn. E and I went to Ottawa in October to spend our 3.5 anniversary, and to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. It was a lovely weekend.

How was your weekend? Did anything exciting happen?

❤ sjjt







Indian Corn!

Pumpkins Galore!





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  1. it has been so gorgeous here too! loving this weather

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