my current life (in a nutshell)

Hi darlings,

As promised, I am going to write a post about my last few endeavours. I’ve been so so so busy with applications, preparing reference packages, writing letters of intent and personal statements, and so much more. The whole process of applications is so time consuming and somewhat overwhelming! But it’s okay. I’m in control of it all. In case you’re wondering, I’m in the midst of applying for Med Schools and Grad Schools. I’ve decided that I want to do medicine and bioethics. The order of which will come first is undetermined, but what is determined is that I will be doing both at some point. It seems like I’m school bound for…. the rest of my life! Just kidding. πŸ™‚

So, in total, I have… 8 applications to do. Of the 8, 1 is completely done ( it was due in october), and the rest are slowly but surely getting done. I’d say that 85% of what’s needed to be done is done, which is good. I got a lot done this week to prepare for my reference packages ( which came to more than 24 pages!). The whole package included having to update my CV, write letters of intent, personal statements, thank you letters…. so much. but it’s done and sent! woo! A big relief. Now I just have to brush up on a 20 page essay I wrote about vegetarianism, fill out some more forms, tweek my letter of intent/personal statement, and send in my transcripts. I hope to do this all before the holidays- that way I can actually relax and enjoy them. πŸ™‚

So that’s the downlow of what’s going on right now with… school.

Outside of school and applications, I’ve been quite busy too. I recently started writing reviews for, and I’m loving it! I also take pictures, but my camera isn’t the best. Maybe I’ll invest in a new nikon.. :). I’ve been going to quite a few shows, and it’s been so long since I’ve been to live music concerts. I forgot how much I love them.

Amanda Mabro


me and K at the concert

Aside to writing my reviews, I volunteer at a geriatric hospital, and I’m a TA at university (in an anatomy course). Since the lab demonstrations are over, all the students are getting ready for their final exams and cramming. I’ve been going in to help them review and encourage them to study study study!

I’ve also been running around, meeting professors and people to discuss their research, and getting more familiar with people who I would like to be my potential supervisors. I have gotten some very good feelings from a few of them, and less from others. One prof has a blog, which talks about super interesting bioethical issues.

I’m also in the midst of finishing up an application (add it to the list!) for a volunteer paramedic program in Israel- Magen David Adom. I’ll most likely be going in february… which seems sooner than later! Time is flying by.

Ah… the weekend. I decided to take some time off this week and just catch my breath. My kitty came home last week after being in Ottawa for about a month with my grandparents. It’s weird how different the house feels when he’s around. He’s too cute for words, but he’s still a little rascal. I always come home finding a bunch of nuts from the table on the floor, or my avocados with teeth marks in them ( he loves avocados! and tomatoes too!). But I love him.

A couple weeks ago I went to visit brother J in waterloo, ontario, and then I went to the University of Toronto to see the campus and meet with some profs. Totally different to Montreal and McGill- the city reminds me very much of NYC, and the U of T campus is HUGE. It’s very Harry Potter-esque, basing their architecture and education on the English Oxford system. (McGill is Scottish based I believe (and way smaller!), and the city of Montreal is much more European). It was a good experience. I also caught up with buddies D and D, who I know (seperately) from Montreal, and are now room mates (small world!). I had a good time. Not to mention, I splurged at Aritzia and bought a gorgeous beige silk top by Wilfrid. Love it.

My room in waterloo in J’s townhouse- excuse the mess!

Peanut butter and Chocolate chip cookies for J

J’s room during exams- looks like a hurricane attacked!

In Toronto Hotel, getting ready to meet professors

I also went to Orlando for the first time. I briefly spoke about it in my other posts. I absolutely loved it! It totally exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a city to be full of gimicky disney stuff and big american restaurants ( which there was), but I was surprised with how much charm it had. I really enjoyed myself, and I wouldn’t be suprised if I made my way down to Florida again (soon I hope!). The hotel we stayed at was brand new ( I actually think we were the first people to stay in our room)! I visited downtown disney, and I saw the launch of a shuttle (I’ll try post the video!). I am now also officially obsessed with the little lizards that run around on the trees- they’re soooooo cute! I guess they’re the squirrels of the south.. hehe

ahhh, sun sun, glorious sun.

excuse the pool hair πŸ™‚
one of the pools of our hotel… there were 3 in total! including 2 jacuzzis, a lazy pool, and a huge water slide.

I absolutely love these flowers
up close and personal

I’m obsessed with these little guys!

So, there it is. My life right now in a nut shell.

I still may be MIA for the next couple weeks, getting all the final tidbits ready for my applications. I do promise to try post more. Please don’t miss me too much.

Lots of love

Sjjt ❀ xo


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