shout out!

Last night I went to see Jonathan Emile perform.

He’s an up and coming montreal hiphop/soul/funk/r&b singer.

He did this amazing freestyle, that consisted of passing around a pen and paper to the audience and having them all write random words for him to freestyle to. So, obviously I jumped at the opportunity and put all the random words that came to my mind. The ones I wrote down were………..

–> cauliflower

–>spice rack


–> meet you at the show . com (1:18 mark!)

some of the other words included un..??  and fiona.

E is writing a review of the show, while I was his sidekick photographer.
We had such a blast. Jon E and Drew da white boy were both super awesome.

Cant wait for the next show!!

I also interviewed Jesse the lead singer from The Dutchess and The Duke.
He was a real champ. Every technical difficulty that you could think of that could go wrong, did. 
I’m excited to see their concert in january. one of the many things I’m looking forward to in the new year. 

Check out the interview, reviews, and more at MeetYouAtTheShow.Com!!!



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