back in action!

Happy 2010 darlings!!!! I’m back from my holidays, refreshed as can be. I had a wonderful time with my family, E, and friends. I spent the first part of the holidays in a little town in the eastern townships of Quebec, in a cute and perfect set bed and breakfast. Seeing it was my grandfather’s 80th, we rented the whole place- and it was absolutely perfect. Each room had a different theme ( chinese-moroccan-mediterranean-spring), with our own fire place, jacuzzi baths, and quaint set ups. We spent the days venturing the little towns ( one of which might be the town of one of my Medical Schools which I applied to!) and the nights were spent playing board games and watching movies. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

After our few days in the picturesque Quebecois town, I head down to Vermont with my brother J and his gf M, and my beau E came too. We had  great time- we stayed at the Essex culinary resort and spa, where I got not one, but TWO massages (since E didn’t want his, I got it!). It was so nice to relax and just spend time together. I as also introduced to the most awesomest board game called settlars- have you heard of it? It’s awesome (in case you couldn’t tell by my enthusiasm 🙂 )

For NYE, I celebrated with a bunch of friends and had a great time. M lent me her awesome 2010 glasses that were rocked by many.

The past few weeks I’ve finished up my applications, spent time with E and my darling Tooky, gone up north with my girls, enjoyed some winter wonders, and plan to just enjoy the rest of the month before I head to Israel for my volunteer program in Feb… some adventures I’m looking forward to are:

  • trips to museums,
  • learning how to ski,
  • (hopefully) getting a car,
  • reviewing and photographing concerts,
  • interviewing EXCITING bands (names to come soon… STAY TUNED!),
  • taking a vegan cooking class,
  • painting,
  • reading,
  • lots of yoga,
  • and lots of birthdays.

Now that 2010 has come, I am getting ready for new adventures, new beginnings, and letting go of some things.

How were your holidays?

I’ve missed you all.

love always,


me and E- NYE 2010

S+S, Me+E- NYE 2010

hehehehe ❤

Me + E- Vermont! 🙂

J + M- Vermont!!

Me and my biddies in the Snow- L+J+S!

rice krispie squares... 3:1 ratio marshmallows:cereal= DISASTER


snow!!! tubing!!!

This post wouldn't be complete without an appearance of my Tooky 🙂


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