peacock love

My latest obsession lately has been with peacock feathers. They’re so exquisitely beautiful- the lush green and shiny blue tints make them stand out and have such an edge. I also love how they’re been incorporated into fashion and accessories. Check out some cool digs I’ve found:

  • Tights (picture source: These tights could be worn with the feathers on the front or the back- I have yet to find one with the feathers on the side of the leg- When I do, I’ll definitely snag a pair. I’d most likely wear these tights with the feathers on the back of the leg though.
  • Headbands: I actually have made some feather inspired headbands myself this past week, and, of course, I incorporated the peacock feather. My picture didn’t come out so great, but it’s the best I can do. Checkout some of these that I found on Etsy… gorgeous!

Etsy Store: Pegasus Maiden

Etsy Shop: LiveInStyle

Etsy Shop: Pegasus Maiden

Etsy Shop: Blacksatinshoes

Etsy Shop: Washed Up Mermaid

  • Apparel: I know some of these may not have just the peacock feather, but they’re inspired by peacocks (and their feathers), which make them just as awesome.
  • How gorgeous is this tunic!?                                                 Etsy Shop: NoraKaren

Picture Source: Polyvore

Picture Source:

  • Jewelry: Check out these gorgeous goodies I stumbled upon- my fave is the gold necklace… but the cuff comes pretty close too 🙂

Picture Source: BonadragPicture Source: Polyvore

Picture Source: Unknown

Etsy Shop: Schmutzerland

  • Other paraphernalia: Check out this baby- how cool?! I want a fan like this!!                  Etsy Shop: WornFlowers I love the beige contrast with the peacock blue- great combo!            Picture Source: Picture Source: Splendid Willow And for all your Beaus out there… we haven’t forgotten them 😉                Picture Source: Fashion Binge
  • Last, but not least….BAM! CHECK THAT OUT! I don’t know if I’d ever get a tattoo, but this one is pretty rocking!  Picture Source: Tattoo Much

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it, and that you’re now inspired to add some peacock feathers to your wardrobe :).

<3, Sjjt



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4 responses to “peacock love

  1. Check out this friend of mine. She has a beautiful peacock back piece. I love it!

  2. Jill


  3. I absolutely love this feature..peacocks rock!

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