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peacock love

My latest obsession lately has been with peacock feathers. They’re so exquisitely beautiful- the lush green and shiny blue tints make them stand out and have such an edge. I also love how they’re been incorporated into fashion and accessories. Check out some cool digs I’ve found:

  • Tights (picture source: These tights could be worn with the feathers on the front or the back- I have yet to find one with the feathers on the side of the leg- When I do, I’ll definitely snag a pair. I’d most likely wear these tights with the feathers on the back of the leg though.
  • Headbands: I actually have made some feather inspired headbands myself this past week, and, of course, I incorporated the peacock feather. My picture didn’t come out so great, but it’s the best I can do. Checkout some of these that I found on Etsy… gorgeous!

Etsy Store: Pegasus Maiden

Etsy Shop: LiveInStyle

Etsy Shop: Pegasus Maiden

Etsy Shop: Blacksatinshoes

Etsy Shop: Washed Up Mermaid

  • Apparel: I know some of these may not have just the peacock feather, but they’re inspired by peacocks (and their feathers), which make them just as awesome.
  • How gorgeous is this tunic!?                                                 Etsy Shop: NoraKaren

Picture Source: Polyvore

Picture Source:

  • Jewelry: Check out these gorgeous goodies I stumbled upon- my fave is the gold necklace… but the cuff comes pretty close too 🙂

Picture Source: BonadragPicture Source: Polyvore

Picture Source: Unknown

Etsy Shop: Schmutzerland

  • Other paraphernalia: Check out this baby- how cool?! I want a fan like this!!                  Etsy Shop: WornFlowers I love the beige contrast with the peacock blue- great combo!            Picture Source: Picture Source: Splendid Willow And for all your Beaus out there… we haven’t forgotten them 😉                Picture Source: Fashion Binge
  • Last, but not least….BAM! CHECK THAT OUT! I don’t know if I’d ever get a tattoo, but this one is pretty rocking!  Picture Source: Tattoo Much

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it, and that you’re now inspired to add some peacock feathers to your wardrobe :).

<3, Sjjt



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bad day.

today and yesterday were bad days.
i started off with a great big smile, cheery and optimistic.
but then i got a good dose of the real world, and what reality has to offer. 

nothing went right.
people were mean.
didn’t feel happy.
everything felt like it kept going on and on, with no end.
and just when i thought things would turn around, the exact opposite happens.

i felt like god was screwing around with me these past few days, while he looked down and had a good laugh. 


well, what can i say.
tomorrow’s another day.

i’m going to go listen to my favorite sufjan stevens  video and give E a call..



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Polka dot galore!

Check out these amazing polka dot ribbons!

The colors make me feel giggly and tingly. Brings back warm memories from growing up, when my mother would put ribbons in my hair.



il_430xN.90335642il_430xN.90335746 Yellow and WhiteBrown and PinkRoyal Blue and WhiteMaroon and White

Source: The Ribbon Garden

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