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food for thought.

Lately, I’ve been pondering about somethings that have been lingering in my mind for a while. Both evolutionary/scientifically speaking, and perhaps even religiously speaking,

Why do men have nipples? Or, to be broader, why do men have breasts (which include nipples?)

what do you think?

Also, from (western)  religious points of view,

Why do female animals feel pain during childbirth if, according to the bible, it was EVE who was condemned to pain during labor (thus all WOMEN, not FEMALES of other species)- is there any sort of explanation behind this? religiously speaking? or evolutionary perhaps?

I wonder….

Do you have any ideas or hypotheses?



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Today was an eventful day. I got the H1N1 vaccine. Seeing I volunteer at a hospital, I was able to get priority before it’s offered to the public.

The needle injection was fine, it didn’t hurt too bad. And my arm has been fine all day… but now it is so sore! I can barely move it- I had to use my one hand to put on my socks.


My friend J also got it done today. She’s a social worker at the Children’s Hospital, so she also had priority. But for some reason her arm isn’t bothering her as much as mine is. Boo! So I’m guessing it’s just me and my sensitivity.

And what’s worse is that the pain has been said to last for up to a week. Oh boy!

Well enough about getting inocculated.


After my H1N1 escapade, I decided to commemorate Holocaust awareness week by going to the Montreal Holocaust Centre. It is an amazing exhibition about the history of WWII in Europe and what happened to the Jews during that time.

It’s hard to believe how such atrocities happened during those times, and how many people were aware of what was going on, but remained silent, and didn’t act.. you know how it goes, “ignorance is bliss”. It took more than 4 and a half years for the rest of the world to wake up and realize what Hitler’s intentions were for the Jews (and other “lower races”) of Europe.

It saddens me to know that people were capable of doing such monstrous things without second guessing.. It saddens me to know that people ARE capable of doing such things. What happened to morality? What happened to ethics? I suppose that a super-dictator can really manipulate people into becoming monsters. But what bothers me is, why didn’t people take a step back and question what was going on? and what’s worse, once they SAW and KNEW what was going on, why did it take so long for something to be done? What is their reasoning for not acting to stop genocide and mass murder? Where did humanity and morality go when thousands of beautiful children, women, and men were being gassed and burned EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY??

Didn’t anyone just take a minute to stop and think and say why have we let this happen? Why did we let this come to be this way? How can we stop it so it doesn’t get worse?

Of course people were scared. Scared for their life and their families.

But, honestly, did they not for one instance stop and think of the millions of innocent people who were terrified, tortured, humiliated, undignified, enslaved, starved, beaten, murdered, gassed, and burned?

Of course they might have. Maybe they thought of it. I certainly HOPE they at least THOUGHT of what was going on.

Maybe they realized what was going on, and DECIDED to keep quiet.

Who knows.

Shame on those who let this happen, and shame on those who stood by when action was needed.







To the heroes who fought against all odds, I think of you.

To the millions who were killed by the Nazis and their supporters, I think of you.

To the 6 million innocent Jews who perished, I think of you.

To my family who lie in mass graves, I will always think of you.

~ sjjt.

Picture source: Anne Frank 890

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no to meat.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. i’ve been busy out of town, first in Lake Tahoe, Cali and then NYC. Super fun! But now I’m back.

I’ve decided to go vegetarian for a while. I have quite a few ethical issues with eating meat and animal products, and lately after eating any form of meat I feel sick to my stomach.

Have you ever wondered where our meat comes from? From the means we get the meat, to how they’re slaughtered, to how they’re treated? I believe that the link between the animal and consumer is broken with the advancement of modern technology. mass consumerism has changed the way we “produce” meat, whereby the ultimate goal is to make the most profit possible. This usually means overcrowding, cheap feed, and wreckless care for animals that are being prepared for slaughter. Further, with prices of meat being so cheap, this gives people the incentive to buy and waste meat more than they normally would. If you want a little idea of what happens to cows or chickens for our consumption, just look up cow or chicken slaughter on google images or youtube. That will really open your eyes as to what really happens in the production of meat, and give you a better understanding on where meat actually comes from.

Back in the day, meat was considered a true delicacy. People had to slaughter and prepare their own meat from scratch, and usually pay a fortune for it. This connected people to the animals they were going to eat, making them appreciate the life that was taken away for their pleasurable gain. Being more aware of the animal’s life, seeing the fear in their eyes as they are about to be slaughtered, watching them grow, eat, and interact with others, makes one more conscious and appreciative of the meat put on their plate. This enforces respect for the animals who were forced to sacrifice their lives for our delectable palette.

There really is no reason to eat meat. Research has shown that not only can we attain all the necessary nutrients from non-meat products, but the amount of grain it takes to feed one cattle for a year is enough to feed a whole village for a year. Therefore is it really cost effective to keep increasing our consumption of meat?

The real reason people like meat is for taste. I must admit, meats are certainly delicious, and naturally, evolutionary speaking, humans are carnivores. Though, humans are also capable of reason, insight, rationalizing, and emotions… in my opinion, being aware of all these things outweighs my like for the taste of meat, and that is why I decided to go vegetarian. Truthfully speaking, I don’t think I’ll be vegetarian forever. I’m bound to give in to temptation and go back to eating meat at some point or another… but at least I am aware of what I am eating and the process of which it went through.  This gives me the incentive to respect and limit how much meat I consume. I would never over indulge in eating meat, nor waste any. I try my best to never waste any meat if i eat it. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the fast food industry… I would never, ever support it. But hey, that’s just me.

Why do you eat meat? Now that you’re a bit more aware, will you change your habits?

For more information, check out ,…


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ridiculous- euthanasia in a bottle.

I just read the most ridiculous article ever. Apparently, a doctor is going around promoting suicide in a bottle (for those who want it- ie another form of assisted suicide or euthanasia). He says anyone over the age of 75 should have the choice of killing themselves should they want to, and be assisted by the State by providing them with prescription drugs that you can get from the local pharmacy. You know, just in case one day things are starting to take a turn for the worse, why not just speed up the process and kill yourself instead of seeking all the help you could get. I think this is ridiculous, and just another ethical dilemma taken completely out of the right frame of mind or context. Euthanasia is a serious ethical issue, which would be more appropriate for another post, but nevertheless I think that the way this doctor/business/lifestyle promoter is justifying his claims for assisted suicide is absolutely absurd, and this should not be considered as a trustworthy claim. Whats next, any person over the age of 50 thats single can marry a dog if they want to so they won’t be lonely? Please. These extreme claims are faulty and unreliable ethical justifications about individual choices concerning life, death, and suffering.

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too much?

Is this too much? With the latest scandal concerning Air Canada somehow letting someone onto a plane with a gun in Jamaica, this called for immediate attention to employees of Air Canada and the protocols they use for safety and metal inspection. But how far is TOO far-being able to “virtually” see each person naked in order to get the most secure idea of what people are bringing on board? I think that this is SUCH an invasion of privacy- who knows who’s looking at the pictures, who’s hands they can get into, where they can land up, what judgments are made, etc etc. but on the other hand, wouldn’t it be better to take the most precaution possible to avoid any acts of terrorism on board? Is our overall safety worth the invasion of personal privacy? The probability of getting into a plane crash/ terrorist act on an air craft is pretty low- so would this continual, numerous tactic be worth the fuss? But on the other hand, one act of terrorism is too many.. what do you think?

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