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absence makes the heart grow fonder

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Love Quote

“Men need to make love to feel love.

Women need to feel love to make love.”


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polaroid of the week

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life’s (old) happy list- revamped

Here is another thing i tumbled upon- a list of things that make me happy, and what makes me who I am. Again, not much has changed, but I added a few things here and there. So here it is, the life’s (old) happy list… revamped!! 🙂

smile- the world is a beautiful place.

family. friends. eran. music. kissing in the rain. guitar. piano. south africa. culture. spirituality. art. leonard cohen poems. ayn rand & chaim potok books. curiosity. my girls. my boys. dawson. systemic anatomy. environmental and bioethics. >80%. blueberry iced tea. my hazamir girls. westmount crew. camp massad. love. life. no regrets. individuality. passion. complexity. creativity. explore. travel. brazil. australia. israel. europe. sushi. red bull. limos. painting. abstract. charcoal. springtime. tulips. daffodils. daisies. poetry. pictures. nature. chai lattes. pjs. snuggling. red, orange, and yellow. listening to the rain fall. spas. twilight. jemima, elseby, torq and gregory. sudoku. hot cocoa. tea. my roof. picnics in the park. tams. bubble tea. bubble baths. cats. tommy, sally, mitzy, and tooky. the 90s. hugs. kisses. lip balm and lip gloss addict. chilling. smelling good. hot showers. spontaneity. afro-caribbean aerobics. lollipops. kung fu. sex in the city marathons. road trips. gin, diet 7up and lime. vodka melon. naps with the girls (and the boy). jello shots. “never have i ever…”. red wine. surprises. countryside. spooning. up north. frozen yogurt with strawberries and mochi. dancing to sean paul. snow. fireworks. warm socks. tomatoes, avocado, nectarines. hot underwear. ferries. bon fires. getting lost. text messages. sunday mornings. breakfast. mornings at the greasy spoon. hippy. vinyl records. fireplaces. laughter. beauty. summer dresses. vintage. stories. orange curtains. brick red walls. meditating. bowling. barbecues. memories…

People I’d like to meet are people who are kind, curious, passionate, genuine, and sincere.

Here are some of my favorite quotes and lyrics:

“learn to love”

“don’t mistake kindness for weakness..”

“one can never anticipate passion.. it just.. happens.”

“A bird who takes flight usually goes back to its nest to feed. Whether it’s like or love- take in the air and the scenary, ca te feras du bien.. Someone who loves YOU for YOU- someone rough and beautiful will allow the unseen emotion to come out. And when that happens, you’ll love too… Good luck and strength. The strong can love too.” -KA

“…honesty is a hard attribute to find-when we all want to seem like, we’ve got it all figured out…” -lifehouse

“life is one big road with lots of signs, so when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality.”- Bob Marley

” Is love alive?”

please feel free to post your life’s happy list! i’d love to read them.

hearts and kisses,


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Falling in love

Dear E,
..........And it was.

..........And it was.

love, sjjt

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Nothing More

Dedicated to E,

nothing more<3, sjjt


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Give peace a chance

Hi friends.

I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been kind of busy lately, figuring things out and what my next step in life ought to be.

A few weeks ago I went to the John Lennon and Yoko Ono PEACE exhibition here in Montreal. It was phenomenal, inspirational, and truly amazing. They really were ahead of their time, promoting peace, art, open mindedness, love, and happiness. The fact that John Lennon was shot for promoting this lifestyle is horribly and terribly ironic. I can just imagine how much change could have happened should he have lived on and continued his legacy with his beloved Yoko.

Here is a poem I came up with inspired by them.

Think. Hope. Love.

Why can’t there be peace?
Everyday there is more war and more hate in the world.
When will it end? How CAN it end?

Take my hand, dear neighbor and friend,
Let’s hope for the best.

Why is there so much anger? Why is there so much rage?
Is this what we intended?
Is this what we want?
Is there no other way?

Think. Hope. Love.

To dream of the day that the white dove flies in with olive branches,
Is the day we will start a new world.

Our own world.
With no bloodshed.
With no guns.
With no hate.
With no war.
With love in our hearts, and peace in our minds,
Our new world will flourish.

Think. Hope. Love.

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