Louis Vuitton puts the LV in Love

I have been raving about the new Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection. It is so elegant, chic, feminine, and, of course, fashionable.

In my opinion, the A line skirts topped with form fitting tops (somewhat reminiscent of a laid back corset) that accentuate the curves of a woman is one of the major fashion icons for this upcoming fall. It reminds me a lot of the Betty Crocker type dressed from the 50s, with a modern fashion twist for the 21st century. Rather than having cherry red as the main color hue seen in the 50s, the 2010 collection sports brownish-greyish tints with hints of blues, purples and greens, making this perfect for the upcoming fall fashion scene. I love how LV used different fabrics for his A line look, ranging from leather to tweeds, and incorporated cute and simple accessories like the perfect little belt or elbow length leather gloves.

We all know how some designers can go over the top at their shows, but LV’s team decided to keep everything simple, yet classy and elegant. Models’ hair were chosen to be tied back into long pony tails, with natural-esque makeup. The look definitely compliments the pieces being showcased.

My favorites of the bunch are these 2:

~sjjt xox


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Guess who’s back!!!!!

Hello hello hello!!

I have officially returned to the wonderful world of blogging after a few months hiatus. I have been busy traveling, exploring, figuring out my next steps in life, and just having a great time along the way.

I have missed you all so much.. I am just beaming with delight to be back.

Stay tuned for more posts about summer, love, fashion, music, and more….

lots of love

SjjT xoxxxxxxxx

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Hi Lovelies- I am now sitting in the business lounge of the Sunnyside Hotel in Johannesburg. I have decided to put Itsandbits on hold for the next 2 months during my travels- but I have started a new blog journal to post all of my tavel adventures for the next little while. so, here it is. check it regularly for my latest adventures. xo


One love- SjjT 🙂

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my life in a nutshell.

Dearest readers,

I apologize for my lack of posts- I have been so busy getting ready for my upcoming international adventure.

I’m leaving for South Africa this Sunday night- EEK! For those of you who don’t know, I am from SA- and I haven’t been back in over TEN YEARS. So, you can imagine just how thrilled I am to go back to my homeland. I think it’s due time. I’m excited to see where I’m from, where I grew up, where my family is from, and all the little tidbits of memories in my mind being put to an actual setting. Besides for my personal journey, I am so eager to see SA after all these years, and how much it has changed. I’ll be in Johannesburg for ~6 days, and I cannot wait for 3 specific things. Not to mention, I just saw Invictus, and I absolutely loved it. The whole time I heard the African music and South African accent I got goosebumps knowing I’d be there so soon.

  • The African market- and I mean, the REAL market, where you can see, feel, smell, and be part of what SA is all about- the food, the beads, the people, the color, the beats… not those tourist gimmicky sites. None of that on MY trip!! Picture source: Happy Tellus
  • Biltong– if you don’t know what this is, go wikipedia it… it’s an SA traditional sort of meat jerky…. and to all my North American friends who are thinking to themselves “beef jerky?! that’s gross!”, all I have to say is…no, biltong is not gross, and  I’m not gross for liking it. you have to experience it to love it. Picture Source:  Rainbow Cooking
  • The sun– the summer in montreal for the past few years have been full of rain, grey skies, and 15 degree weather… meaning: no sun, no heat, no tan. I am super excited to get some real African sun on my skin. Picture Source: XE Media

After my time in SA, I’m heading to Israel for about 2 months. I have a layover for a whole day in Amsterdam- I’m excited because I have never been there before. And, it turns out that my friend N has recently moved there! By pure coincedince we’re going to be able to meet and catch up during the few hours I have there.

Once arriving in Israel, I’ll be spending a couple of days with my family in areas near Tel Aviv, then heading to Jerusalem for 10 days for an intense first aid paramedic training. I’ll have to pass the exams ( which I’m not looking forward to! But I think I’ll be ok..!!) I head to Haifa with some other people to start placement work in the ambulances for 5.5 weeks.


So, my lovelies, I hope to keep you all updated with all my adventures. Please don’t think I have forgotten about you… I promise I have not.

Lots of Love



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hello lily

These lilies were gorgeous! We bought them completely closed and then they opened up beautifully and were magnificent for many days.

Did you know that only the pink and white lilies smell? The yellow and orange ones don’t have the distinct lily smell.

Fun fact of the day!!

lots of love and giggles


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Check out my interview with Evan Cranley from Stars!!!

picture source: the music ninja

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i love you

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