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Best feelings

So I decided to write down my top 5 best realistic,day to day, best feelings. None of the mushy stuff, none of the idealistic romanticized stuff… but real feelings, that many can relate to.

My top 5 best feelings are….

  • 1) Walking off a long flight and having all the special people you love and that love you waiting at the airport to pick you up.
  • 2) That first instance when you dunk your head under the warm (more like hot and steamy for me :P) water when you’re having a bath.
  • 3) Getting an A (or, even better, MULTIPLE As) on your exams/papers/report card.
  • 4) That floating feeling you get after a good workout, and then taking a sip of cold water to quench your thirst.
  • 5) That first instant you put on warm socks and cuddle up in bed with your kitty when you’re absolutely freezing.

Picture Source: young-n-reckless

What are your best day to day feelings?



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