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hi friends,

I must apologize for my lack of posts lately. I’ve been busy figuring out what to do with my life… masters programs, volunteer programs, med schools, and all the applications involved. It’s overwhelming, tiring, and so darn exciting.

I spent the weekend with E in Ottawa celebrating my Uncle’s birthday and also our 3.5 year anniversary (even though it was a couple of weeks ago, this was our little excursion away together).  It was nice to get away for a day. The colors of autumn are warm and calming, and so beautiful. I really can say that one thing I am super grateful for in Canada is that we have 4 distinct seasons, each with their own characters, colors, smells… I look forward to the beginning of seasons whenever they come each year. The drive there and back was relaxing and tranquil. So nice to just catch a breath of the fresh air and enjoy al the colors.

I’ve also started noticing Halloween decorations popping up here and there, and boy oh boy am I excited!! I haven’t planned what I’ll be doing this year… nor have I planned any costume ideas. We shall see!

I also finished my book. I read “The Good Earth” by Pearl S Buck for the third time. I have to say, I really love this book, but for some reason I can never remember what the story is. So, I decided to read it (yet again). The story is so beautifully written… so descriptive of the early 20th century in rural China. The book has a sequel which I have yet to discover.

Have you ever heard of the foot binding craze in China? The book discusses it briefly, so I looked it up to learn more about it.

Basically young girls were urged to bind their feet (ie their mothers would wrap up the young girls feet as they were still growing in bandages that were so tight, they literally broke their feet and toes so that they would fold into themselves), in order to make their feet 3-3.5 inches long. Back in the day, this was considered desirable in girls to be wed. It was a sign that they came from affluent families, and that the girls didn’t have to work in the fields (seeing there was no need for their labor). So, because of this, they are solely for their man, making them desirable brides.  The craze stopped in the mid 1900s, seeing that the process of foot binding was excruciatingly painful and posed dangers later on in the girls’ lives… and might I say thank god! I don’t think any girl should suffer to simply be more desirable for men. Maybe this is more new age thinking, but geez, just the thought of breaking my feet, day after day, so that they can be 3 inches long seems ridiculous to me! Not many women have bound feet anymore in China- some of the elder ones do, and you can see here how tiny (and deformed) their feet are

Do you have any book recommendations?

Let me know!

xx, sjjt


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