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The quacks are back!


While strolling around my childhood park, I heard from a distance splashing and some birdly noises. Thinking it was just seagulls and pigeons messing around the pond, I ignored it and continued my stroll. A while later, I came back to the pond area and saw from the corner of my eye two ducks paddling along the water. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The last time the park had ducks was when I was really young, and since then it has been duckless.. perhaps due to lack of maintaining the large pond area, or too much litter.. But after seeing these two ducks, I decided to walk a bit closer, and alas the pond was FULL of ducks! It was such a nice surprise! It brought back lots of good childhood memories of  playing and feeding the ducks. I even stumbled upon a mother and her baby ducklings sleeping! Too sweet for words.


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