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Check out my interview with Evan Cranley from Stars!!!

picture source: the music ninja


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back in action!

Happy 2010 darlings!!!! I’m back from my holidays, refreshed as can be. I had a wonderful time with my family, E, and friends. I spent the first part of the holidays in a little town in the eastern townships of Quebec, in a cute and perfect set bed and breakfast. Seeing it was my grandfather’s 80th, we rented the whole place- and it was absolutely perfect. Each room had a different theme ( chinese-moroccan-mediterranean-spring), with our own fire place, jacuzzi baths, and quaint set ups. We spent the days venturing the little towns ( one of which might be the town of one of my Medical Schools which I applied to!) and the nights were spent playing board games and watching movies. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

After our few days in the picturesque Quebecois town, I head down to Vermont with my brother J and his gf M, and my beau E came too. We had  great time- we stayed at the Essex culinary resort and spa, where I got not one, but TWO massages (since E didn’t want his, I got it!). It was so nice to relax and just spend time together. I as also introduced to the most awesomest board game called settlars- have you heard of it? It’s awesome (in case you couldn’t tell by my enthusiasm 🙂 )

For NYE, I celebrated with a bunch of friends and had a great time. M lent me her awesome 2010 glasses that were rocked by many.

The past few weeks I’ve finished up my applications, spent time with E and my darling Tooky, gone up north with my girls, enjoyed some winter wonders, and plan to just enjoy the rest of the month before I head to Israel for my volunteer program in Feb… some adventures I’m looking forward to are:

  • trips to museums,
  • learning how to ski,
  • (hopefully) getting a car,
  • reviewing and photographing concerts,
  • interviewing EXCITING bands (names to come soon… STAY TUNED!),
  • taking a vegan cooking class,
  • painting,
  • reading,
  • lots of yoga,
  • and lots of birthdays.

Now that 2010 has come, I am getting ready for new adventures, new beginnings, and letting go of some things.

How were your holidays?

I’ve missed you all.

love always,


me and E- NYE 2010

S+S, Me+E- NYE 2010

hehehehe ❤

Me + E- Vermont! 🙂

J + M- Vermont!!

Me and my biddies in the Snow- L+J+S!

rice krispie squares... 3:1 ratio marshmallows:cereal= DISASTER


snow!!! tubing!!!

This post wouldn't be complete without an appearance of my Tooky 🙂

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shout out!

Last night I went to see Jonathan Emile perform.

He’s an up and coming montreal hiphop/soul/funk/r&b singer.

He did this amazing freestyle, that consisted of passing around a pen and paper to the audience and having them all write random words for him to freestyle to. So, obviously I jumped at the opportunity and put all the random words that came to my mind. The ones I wrote down were………..

–> cauliflower

–>spice rack


–> meet you at the show . com (1:18 mark!)

some of the other words included un..??  and fiona.

E is writing a review of the show, while I was his sidekick photographer.
We had such a blast. Jon E and Drew da white boy were both super awesome.

Cant wait for the next show!!

I also interviewed Jesse the lead singer from The Dutchess and The Duke.
He was a real champ. Every technical difficulty that you could think of that could go wrong, did. 
I’m excited to see their concert in january. one of the many things I’m looking forward to in the new year. 

Check out the interview, reviews, and more at MeetYouAtTheShow.Com!!!


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Meet You At The Show

I’ve recently started writing for a new up and coming music site called MeetYouAtTheShow.com, or in short MYATS. The focus is on indie bands and concerts hosted in Montreal.


Check out some of the reviews and interviews! I hope you like them.


Here are my two reviews so far:


The Lovely Feathers- Dec 1 2009, The Green Room


Amanda Mabro- Nov 27, 2009, Cabaret Juste Pour Rire



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Give peace a chance

Hi friends.

I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been kind of busy lately, figuring things out and what my next step in life ought to be.

A few weeks ago I went to the John Lennon and Yoko Ono PEACE exhibition here in Montreal. It was phenomenal, inspirational, and truly amazing. They really were ahead of their time, promoting peace, art, open mindedness, love, and happiness. The fact that John Lennon was shot for promoting this lifestyle is horribly and terribly ironic. I can just imagine how much change could have happened should he have lived on and continued his legacy with his beloved Yoko.

Here is a poem I came up with inspired by them.

Think. Hope. Love.

Why can’t there be peace?
Everyday there is more war and more hate in the world.
When will it end? How CAN it end?

Take my hand, dear neighbor and friend,
Let’s hope for the best.

Why is there so much anger? Why is there so much rage?
Is this what we intended?
Is this what we want?
Is there no other way?

Think. Hope. Love.

To dream of the day that the white dove flies in with olive branches,
Is the day we will start a new world.

Our own world.
With no bloodshed.
With no guns.
With no hate.
With no war.
With love in our hearts, and peace in our minds,
Our new world will flourish.

Think. Hope. Love.

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