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sad sad sad :(

Today is a sad day. Not only did the renowned beauty Farrah Fawcett pass away after suffering for a long time with cancer, but the legendary music icon Michael Jackson suddenly passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest. Although Farrah Fawcet’s death is an unforutnate and sad event, it is a bit more reassuring that her loved ones were able to say their last goodbyes to her in these hard times. It is so heartbreaking that Michael Jackson’s death was unforeseen and unexpected.

I am so sad that Michael Jackson passed away this early on in his life.  I have to say, that on the top of my life’s to do list before I die was to see a live Michael Jackson concert. Passing away only at the age of 50, he still had so much more to offer to the world.

In my opinion, he is the most talented musician, performer, dancer, and inspirational artist of the 20th and early 21st century. No one will, nor could, ever take his title of King of Pop. He truly is one of a kind- from his music to his life story, there is and only will be one Michael Jackson. My heart goes out to his children, his family, and his fans. RIP the King of Pop, Sir Michael Jackson.

Here’s a tribute to some of my favorite songs by him. LONG LIVE THE MOONWALK!

“Thriller”- Full Version

“Remember the Time”

“Earth Song”- my all time favorite. The message behind it is so empowering.

“Scream”- with sister Janet Jackson

“Beat It”

“Who’s Loving You”- Jackson 5

“Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

“Smooth Criminal”

Pepsi Commercial-1988.

“They Don’t Care About Us”- another one of my all time favorites. Listen to the powerful words and the message behind it.

“Will You Be There”- featured in the movie Free Willy. I always get goosebumps from this one.

     Farrah Fawcett. 1947-2009, RIP

Farrah Fawcett. 1947-2009, RIP

Michael Jackson- 1958-2009. RIP

Michael Jackson- 1958-2009. RIP

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awful. just awful.

A commercial popped up today on the tv which made me really sad.

It was about elderly abuse. I have never really given this type of abuse any consideration, but after watching this commercial, not only did I feel heartbroken and sad, but I also felt somewhat guilty. I know that I for one have never associated any forms of abuse with seniors before, but this has really opened up my eyes to some atrocities that people do to older people.

When people age, many things happen, both physiologically and psychologically. The body ages and so does the mind. It becomes harder to do things, to understand things, and to process things. These are all normal and natural events that take place with EVERYONE. People tend to forget this. When younger generations have to slow down their pace in work, life, or anything, frustration develops. This occurs frequently when dealing with older generations, seeing that it takes a longer time to communicate and understand fully. In today’s society, everything is so quick, so fast, so instant, that the second one must take a step back and slow down, one becomes irritable and agitated, which quickly leads to hostility and becoming short tempered. I find it heartbreaking that people nowadays take out their aggravations on seniors, which are usually parents or grandparents who have devoted their lives to making sure that these younger generations are happy and successful. Now, when the situation is reversed, when the elders need a bit more care, attention, and affection, the very people that they have supplied for their entire life, become abusive towards them? I think that is disgusting. Further, I think it’s even worse when caretakers take advantage of seniors. Neglect, abuse, maltreatment of ANYONE, in particular those who are vulnerable such as seniors, is inexcusable and horrible.

Seniors deserve respect. They’ve lived their lives and have so many stories to share and wisdom to pass on, especially with those that are close to them. Have you ever thought of asking a senior that you know about their funniest moment? or their first kiss? or the greatest moment in their lives? Everyone has a story to tell, and it just breaks my heart when people neglect this, and treat seniors disrespectfully. It makes me so upset that younger generations have this total sense of entitlement from older generations.

I’ve found myself feeling frustrated many atimes when dealing with older people who are close to me, and I realize that I tend to take out my frustration and impatience on them, and I believe that this is very wrong. Now that I am aware of this, I will do my best to change my ways, and I hope that I have opened the eyes of others to the issue at hand.

I hope that the situation becomes better.

The more I look into it, the more I find out about it.

I am glad to say that there are many helplines and associations that are working to prevent and help those who suffer from elderly abuse.

See it, Stop it, Prevent it.

Do something about it.

Click here to see the commercial I saw with some extra information.

Here is another commercial I found about senior abuse. It’s not the one that I saw today, but it’s also very upsetting and sad.


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ridiculous oink.

After reading this article, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Seriously? Jews descend from pigs? And that’s why they can’t eat them? That’s not even close. Should that be the argument, then technically, Jews are also descendants of porcupines, horses, parrots, cats, and all other “unclean” animals. I can’t believe that this ignorance is being preached all over the Middle East. No wonder why there is such a level of miscommunication and false allegations, causing a ridiculous amount of religious, social and territorial turmoil. Religion is one of the most powerful weapons out there… it can be dangerous when taken to extremes. Jews don’t eat pig because they are consider pork as “unclean”, as written in the old testament. Further interpretations are found in other religious doctrines of what unclean exactly means and why, but no where does it say (according to those ill-informed claims from the article) that pigs are considered as holy since we are its descendants. Further, these same claims (in similar wording, not exactly) that swine is unclean and therefore not allowed to be eaten are found in the Qu’ran and apply to Muslims. Therefore, I think these speculations made about Jews are ridiculous and inaccurate, and whoever did make these claims should take a look at their own religious doctrines before stating things about other religious groups.

Further, if allah made Jews from pigs because Jews committed the ultimate abomination, then how is it possible that Judaism has been around longer than Islam? Didn’t Islam originate as a branch from Abraham the forefather (ultimately) of Judaism, and only emerged in the 7th century via their prophet muhammad, while Judaism has been around for more than 5700 years? Hmm…

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a changing world.

Interesting shifts in demographics occurring in the world. More and more Republics of Islam will start to appear- I’m not sure if this is a good thing, seeing that the original cultures of many countries will be overridden in any given amount of years. With the fertility rate decreasing, while immigration from the Middle East is rising, we are going to face a huge change in a matter of years.

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ridiculous- euthanasia in a bottle.

I just read the most ridiculous article ever. Apparently, a doctor is going around promoting suicide in a bottle (for those who want it- ie another form of assisted suicide or euthanasia). He says anyone over the age of 75 should have the choice of killing themselves should they want to, and be assisted by the State by providing them with prescription drugs that you can get from the local pharmacy. You know, just in case one day things are starting to take a turn for the worse, why not just speed up the process and kill yourself instead of seeking all the help you could get. I think this is ridiculous, and just another ethical dilemma taken completely out of the right frame of mind or context. Euthanasia is a serious ethical issue, which would be more appropriate for another post, but nevertheless I think that the way this doctor/business/lifestyle promoter is justifying his claims for assisted suicide is absolutely absurd, and this should not be considered as a trustworthy claim. Whats next, any person over the age of 50 thats single can marry a dog if they want to so they won’t be lonely? Please. These extreme claims are faulty and unreliable ethical justifications about individual choices concerning life, death, and suffering.

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too much?

Is this too much? With the latest scandal concerning Air Canada somehow letting someone onto a plane with a gun in Jamaica, this called for immediate attention to employees of Air Canada and the protocols they use for safety and metal inspection. But how far is TOO far-being able to “virtually” see each person naked in order to get the most secure idea of what people are bringing on board? I think that this is SUCH an invasion of privacy- who knows who’s looking at the pictures, who’s hands they can get into, where they can land up, what judgments are made, etc etc. but on the other hand, wouldn’t it be better to take the most precaution possible to avoid any acts of terrorism on board? Is our overall safety worth the invasion of personal privacy? The probability of getting into a plane crash/ terrorist act on an air craft is pretty low- so would this continual, numerous tactic be worth the fuss? But on the other hand, one act of terrorism is too many.. what do you think?

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