i want a…..

……… bike.

but not any bike.

I want a second hand bike. nothing fancy, but still special in it’s own little way.

One that I could leave locked up on the street and not be paranoid about someone trying to steal it

One that has an untold story, as if it were hiding a secret.

One that has character.

One that has color and maybe a basket.

kind of like this one:

picture source: Sakura Snow

~sjjt xo


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perfect night


best friend
home made macaroni and cheese
cheap red wine
etsy vintage browsing
jersey shore premiere
cozy pjs

check check check.



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holy fuck

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who will save your soul?

In light of my previous post, check this amazing duet of J.Simps and the oh so talented Jewel.


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There’s something about her…

Jessica Simpson.

What’s her deal?

I find her incredibly beautiful, especially in this shot. And not to mention, she has a stellar voice. Too bad that’s about all she has going for her ( which hasn’t done her too bad).

picture source: Mimifroufrou


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Nature Shots


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Polaroid of the week

Theme: Summer Sun

Picture Source: A Little Dabble


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